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Saturday, August 4, 2018

OPP Update: August 2018

Good afternoon blog readers and Happy August!

We are now into the last full month of the summer, which means the start of the NFL football season is right around the corner.  This time of year, the National Football League enshrines former football players into the NFL Hall of Fame.  This year, the NFL will enshrine Ray Lewis, one of 8 former players.  Even though I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan, I always like Ray's work ethic on the gridiron as well as the sidelines, where he demonstrated his leadership.

If you follow my blog, you noticed that I did not provide an OPP Update last month, and there's a reason for that.  Two months ago, I was released from my Staples job a month earlier than anticipated, which meant that I would not have any steady income until mid August.  After receiving my last deposit on June 15, that would be it.  It was impervious for me to find another job.  

Fortunately, at the end of June, I did find a position through Upwork, which was a job providing email, chat and Facebook support for a small car cleaning company.  Things were looking up going into the month of July.  Unfortunately, I was released from this company only a week after I was hired.  They told me that I was not a good fit for their company.  I was shocked!  So shocked, that I was in no mood to write a blog posting last month.  Even though I started training for my new StubHub position with Working Solutions in late June, I was again without a steady income.  

As of today, I was not able to land a job with a second company, so I have been struggling with the little money I had left in my bank accounts.  Fortunately, we did get paid a stipend for training in July, in which I was able to pay my car note.  However, my other bills (auto insurance, cellphone, storage fees) remain unpaid.  The good news is, my StubHub training is nearly complete, and in the week starting August 13, I am scheduled to work 54 hours, so I will be back on the horse, sort to speak.

Normally, I like to work 2 customer service positions.  Earlier this week, I did receive an email from another company, Concentrix, about receiving a final interview, which is scheduled for this coming Tuesday.  Unlike Working Solutions, I would actually be an employee with Concentrix, which is cool.  If I get the Concentrix position, I will have 2 sources of Customer Service income.  

The month of June was good for my internet marketing business, because I finally put together my email campaign, and now it is live.  Unfortunately, to this day, I have yet to earn a single subscriber, even though I've had over 8500 visitors to my website, which contains my signup page.  I'm not totally surprised, because for the time being, I have to rely on free traffic sources (safelists and traffic exchanges) to get the word out about my business.  I also have a Facebook page, but the viewership is low at this point.  Before I lost my Produxa job, I did set up a Facebook ad to promote my website that contains a signup page for my new email campaign.  However, I did not receive any subscribers, because the signup form was missing on the mobile version of my website, so I may have lost a few potential subscribers (that issue has been fixed).  Once I start earning a steady income, I will resume promoting my website by paying for Facebook advertising.  

To this day, I am still waiting to receive my first Clickbank sale.  One way that I plan to start receiving more targeted traffic to my site is to start writing articles.  I will also seek other sources as far as promoting my website and signup form in order to get subscribers and eventually, sales.  

For the last couple of months, I have put my training for the Bitcoin Wealth Club on the back burner, while I waited for BWC to update their training modules.  As of today, they have updated part of their modules.  However, I am waiting for BWC to update all of their modules, so I can resume with my training for cryptocurrency trading.  I have some money in my bitcoin wallets, so I am ready to start learning how to trade and to start building my wealth.  

The last month and a half has been hell for me.  I have been literally trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents.  I have been cooking my food to save money.  In spite of these circumstances, things are looking up as far as my financial future.  Below are the tasks I will be working on to continue my Pathway to Prosperity:

  1. Continue to educate myself on learning new ways to promote my website and to increase traffic
  2. Continue to promote my website through safelist advertising, increasing traffic to my Facebook page, advertising with traffic exchanges and by writing articles
  3. Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies to start building my wealth, then further promote the BWC opportunity
  4. Begin selling products from SFI (Strong Future International) on my website and Facebook page
  5. Start promoting my math tutoring services inside and outside Wyzant
  6. Save up $200 to get a Capital One secured credit card, which I will use to start selling items on eBay.

I have a lot going on, which means I will have to fit these activities into my increasing work schedule.  The thing is, once I start earning sales of $2500 or more per month, I will be able to start saving up, and ultimately move back into my own apartment.  

Have a great weekend, and continue to fight for your goals!

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  1. Hey! Love Ray Lewis, one of the all-time greats.
    WHat are you doing now?